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Welcome To Skin Herbalist

Welcome To Skin Herbalist

In 1995, Skin Herbalist Patrick Murphy provided his first herbal remedies to his patients, with good results. Then as different ailments emerged in his patients he would accommodate by using new herbal formulas, again with marked success. These formulas worked well with subsequent patients that they became standard.
His true philosophy of “getting to the root cause of the disorder”, helping him to create healing tonic herbals. These herbs help the body overcome disease by strengthening through cleansing and nourishing. Patrick’s ultimate vision is to cleanse and nourish so the body can heal, using wild-crafted, organic herbs.

Frequency Relaxation Therapy

Frequency Relaxation Therapy is an approach to healing that differs from conventional medicine. It is free from side-effects and, in fact, all that is involved in the therapy is that the client lies on a special mat for a period of 15 minutes.

The frequency relaxation mat that is used is from Austria and has been very popular there in hospitals and with doctors over the past 20 years.

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I started to use the pulp soap a few years ago. I was reading about it in an English newspaper. My skin is soft and clear. I have little psoriasis on my skin now. Thanks

Joe, Co. Galway

I have been using your shampoo barsin my beauty salon for a few years now. My clients just love them. I have been sending them to your website. Thanks Patrick

Sandra, Co. Dublin

I have suffered with teenage acne for 2 years. I have used two bars of your Aloe soap and had tremendous success. I am also getting my confidence back. Thanks.

Ita , Co. Galway

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