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Pat Murphy Herbalist

Originally I became interested in herbal medicine as my mother’s uncle Paddy Feeney was a natural healer and used natural herbs for healing.

I wanted to learn more and spent three years training to be a herbalist. I studied Herbal Medicine with the BSY College, and qualified with a distinction. I received my diploma in December 1995.The course is designed to build on a fundamental understanding of Herbal Medicine. In 2014 I updated my qualifications and completed a course in herbal medicine, accredited by the ABC awards, Quality License scheme. I received a diploma with merit. Patrick helps people who suffer from a variety of ailments, including fevers, stomach problems, aches and pains and skin problems.

My big interest is skin problems as I suffered myself as a child with a skin disorder which was cleared up and managed by using natural herbs and a natural handmade aloe vera soap.

I see people from a wide surrounding area.  I offer 10 minute telephone consultations to discuss how herbal medicine may be able to help you.

You can contact me for more information or make an appointment by telephone – 093 27033

Personal Details 
Age 57, Married with 3 Children.
Interests – Walking, Hurling & Gaelic Football

Pat Murphy

Patrick Murphy studied Herbal Medicine at the BSy College and qualified in 1995. Patrick also holds several other qualifications in Herbal Medicine;

PhD with Clayton College, USA, Diploma in Herbal Medicine with the Blackford College, UK and a special Diploma in Family Herbal Medicine with the College of Natural Healing, Utah, USA.

Patrick has extensive experience and works in Herbal Medicine Clinics all over Ireland. Patrick has worked with herbalists in Sofia, Bulgaria, Fort Myers, Florida, USA and Brisbane, Australia


  • Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Blackford Centre
  • Diploma in Medical Herbalism BSY College
  • Diploma in Magnetfield Therapy from Massfuture Medical Germany, September 2000
  • Diploma in Environmental Management, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
  • Diploma in Homeopathy Bsy College Devon UK
  • Diploma in Marketing – 1985 National School of Marketing, Sevendale Place, Manchester UK
  • Diploma as Family Herbalist – College of Herbal Medicine Springville , UT 84663 , USA
  • Doctorate (PhD) – Clayton College, USA
  • 2018 - Appointed to Board of Experts Energy Company Prague, Czech Republic

P Murphy Family Herbalist – Code of Practise

I promise
  • To maintain confidentiality about the clients condition or information collected from the patient
  • To avoid exaggerated claims of cure
  • To advise the client to seek medical advice when symptoms require orthodox medicine
  • To never offer the client herbals that are dangerous to their health
  • To never offer the clients herbs that are illegal
  • To avoid any direct or blatant advertising
  • To be true to the aim of the profession by relieving suffering