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Product Testimonials

I cannot recommend Patrick Murphy highly enough. He has literally saved my father's life. Patrick prescribes for all my family now and even our beloved dog! To say I give this man the Thumbs Up is an understatement. He is an incredible herbalist and a lifesaver.
Paddy Fitzpatrick, aka 'Fear an Hata'
Hi Patrick, I just wanted to let you know that your new therapy is working wonders for me. The hip pain has gone and I feel very relaxed. I'm sleeping well again and my energy has definitely improved. I will recommend you Patrick to other people who need help. Thanks again,
Rena McGuire.
I have been using your products for some time. The results have been truly remarkable. My skin is ever so good. Thank you ever so much. Delighted to provide one of testimonials.
Margaret, Birmingham, UK
I picked up a bar of your famous soap at your herbal clinic in Connemara. I have eczema for many years. I have been to every hospital and consultant looking for a cure. Your natural soap is refreshing and my skin has never this good in years. Thank you Skin Herbalist
Sean, Co. Galway
I have been using your shampoo bars in my beauty salon for a few years now. My clients just love them. I have been sending them to your website. Thanks Patrick
Sandra, Co. Dublin
My whole family love your soaps. My own skin has always been red and dry. It now looks clean with a healthy glow. My dry skin is no longer. Many thanks.
Richard , London, UK
I was reading and article about your natural soaps and shampoo bars in the Daily Express. I have suffered all my life with psoriasis. I used both the soap and shampoo bar with marked success. Thank you so much for your excellent products
Jim , Leeds, UK
I have suffered with teenage acne for 2 years. I have used two bars of your Aloe soap and had tremendous success. I am also getting my confidence back. Thanks.
Ita , Co. Galway
I purchased your shampoo bar online, it was slow at first to see any real results but after 3 weeks my hair is shiny, clean and so healthy. Thank you all.
Laura, Co. Kerry
Your soap bar lasted 8 weeks. My skin has improved and I no longer have red spots of blotches on my skin. Thank you.
Peter, Co. Sligo.
The shampoo bar was a god send. My scalp feels vibrant and normal again
Ann, Co. Mayo
I used the Aloe pulp soap for psoriasis which I have for 18 years. I could not believe the excellent results in only three weeks. My Doctor told me the keep using the pulp soap as it had marked success. He was very impressed and happy with the results. Thank you
George, Dublin
I started to use the pulp soap a few years ago. I was reading about it in an English newspaper. My skin is soft and clear. I have little psoriasis on my skin now. Thanks
Joe, Co. Galway
I heard about the Aloe Vera pulp soap from my doctor. I used it for a month and the results were outstanding. Lovely soft clear skin. My eczema has taken a back seat. Thank you Patrick.
Katy, Liverpool. UK
I have been suffering from Acne for many years now. I ordered aloe pulp soap and used same for 6 weeks. The results were remarkable. My skin cleared up completely.
Ivan, Wales

Consultation Testimonials

I saw Patrick when I decided it was time to try and help a long standing issue. He clearly understood my condition and combined his learning, professionalism and friendly approach to perfection. I would recommend him to anyone.
Michael, Galway City
I always seemed to be suffering from viral infections and felt tired all the time. Patrick recommended a herbal remedy, a tinctures and some herbal tablets. After a few weeks my energy returned and I am also free of viruses. Thanks Patrick
Amanda, Claremorris Co. Mayo
Some time ago I developed a very uncomfortable rash in my hands. It was read and angry looking and very itchy. It was caused by excess cold in my hands. I did everything I could to keep my hands warm and to protect them. I tried many different creams including ones prescribed by my doctor. Then, after weeks of severe discomfort day & night, I had the good luck of meeting The Skin Herbalist by chance. He gave me handmade body milk cream made from Aloe Vera from an ecological plantation in Spain. It was a beautiful cream to use and in three days my hands had come back to normal. I now use this cream frequently and find it very helpful in the care of my skin. My hands will still react in severe cold but the Aloe Vera Body Cream keeps all discomfort at bay. I am very grateful to The Skin Herbalist for sourcing the cream and making it available to us. Delightes to be part of testimonials.
Geraldine, Galway
A 53 year old male presented with a diagnosed enlarged prostate (BPH).
I had to get up many times every night to use the bathroom, this made me tired at work the next day. After six weeks on herbal treatment, I only got up at 7 O’Clock every morning. With Patrick’s help I was getting a good night sleep again. He is great to deal with.
Sean, Ennis, Co. Clare
A 50 year old man presenting with Chronic Prostatitis.
Since being helped by Patrick, I have found a brilliant improvement in my condition. For many years I have been coping with painful prostatitis. Through my visits to Patrick I am back on track again. I would thoroughly recommend his treatment to anyone suffering in pain.
Martin, Cliften, Galway
A 45 year old woman presenting with Fibromyalgia
I turned to Patrick Murphy in desperation. I was sceptical as to the benefits of herbal medicine but wanted to give it a try. Pat gave me a herbal remedy and after six weeks the symptoms were completely gone. For the first time in 2 years I was pain free. I highly recommend Patrick.
Geraldine, Dunmore, Co. Galway
I started using your Aloe Vera pulp soap 18 months ago having suffered with acne cystia and as a result low self esteem throughout my teenage years.Within days the results were beginning to show, within weeks my acne was improving, and within months I was waking up with beautiful clear skin. I cannot recommend your Aloe Vera pulp soap enough. Thank You so much. Richard Brown Leeds.UK