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WhatsApp appointments now available from the comfort of your own home. The consultation is done by video call or by phone if preferred and any treatments  posted on to you. 

What happens at a Consultation

Herbalists do not treat symptoms, we treat people.  So, during a consultation a herbalist has a holistic approach.

When you come to see me for a first appointment I will need to know all about your current health concerns, your past medical history from birth to the present day and your family medical history, such as conditions that run in your family.   I will need to know about any prescribed or over-the-counter medications or supplements you might be taking.  I will ask whether you have any allergies, what your energy and stress levels are like, what you like to eat and about your lifestyle.  Then to get an overall picture of your current health I will ask a range of general health questions covering every body system.

All consultations are private and strictly confidential.  The first consultation will last about an hour and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.  I will write a herbal remedy for your personal blend of herbal medicines, and an individual management plan of proposed treatment will be discussed.  The herbal remedy will be recommended for you and I will explain how the remedy should be taken.  The herbal remedy will be chosen to work with any medications you are currently taking.

The herbal medicine is usually a mixture of about four or five herbal tinctures (herbal extracts in a water-alcohol base), but you may also be recommended herbal tea, capsules, powders or tablets.  Sometimes I prescribe a topical treatment such as cream, gel, lotion, oil or ointment The herbal medicines I provide are of the best quality and organic whenever possible.

A follow -up visit is usually arranged for between two and four weeks after the initial consultation, to assess progress and if necessary make any changes to the medicine or management plan.  The follow-up appointments usually take about 30 minutes and any subsequent appointments are arranged as necessary to suit your individual circumstances.  Longer term treatments will require periodic follow-ups to monitor progress, and the herbal remedy may be re-evaluated and changed accordingly so that it remains appropriate.

The length of the treatment will depend on the nature and duration of your condition.  Generally the longer someone has been unwell the longer it takes to improve their health.  I can give an indication of the expected timescale for treatment after the first consultation.


My fees are based on a charge for the consultation time, plus the cost of any herbs prescribed:

Initial Consultation (usually lasts about 1 hour)   €50

Follow up consultation (usually lasts about 30 minutes)   €35


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