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Regenerating Creams

What Makes Our Herbal Regenerating Creams Exceptional.
While other ointments incorporate 1% to 3% herbal extracts, Pentagram regenerating creams contain a colossal 50% herbal extract. The carefully balanced composition is also enriched by drawing on bioinformation, enhancing the effect of the active ingredients themselves. The fatty base of the regenerating creams comprises purely natural vegetable oils. Their clear advantage is their naturally high content of care and protection substances and vitamins (castor, linseed, sesame, soyabean, poppy and hemp oil). Other active ingredients include liposomes, AHAs and lecithin, which make significant qualitative contributions. Integral components of the herbal creams are energetically charged mineral water from the Podhájska thermal spring in Slovakia, with properties comparable to Dead Sea water, potassium humate, with powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and extracts of precious resins (myrrh, frankincense, Croton lechleri), ensuring the maximum regenerating effect of the creams.

Pentagram® regenerating creams from Skin Herbalist are exceptional not only for their composition, but also for their therapeutic use. They are of guaranteed natural origin and contain no stabilisers or synthetic fragrances, and therefore cause no adverse skin reactions. As the active ingredients in Pentagram® creams are mixed with an oily base, they penetrate very easily into the deeper layers of the skin and, from there, into the tissue. The use of bioinformation creams therefore has a positive effect not only on the skin itself, but also – via energy pathways – on deep-seated organs and their systems.

To target the action of the creams precisely, it is advisable to use a reflex therapy method and to apply them to the reflex zones of individual organs on the palms or feet. You can also increase their effectiveness by working on the zones at a time when the relevant meridian (energy pathway) is in an active phase.

The Pentagram® system is an extremely useful diagnostic tool helping us to understand the causes of illnesses and problems better and more easily. However, you should be aware that the causes of our difficulties lie not only in the outside world, in external factors such as viruses, bacteria, wars, hurricanes, or increasing air pollution. Many diseases are caused by ourselves, our poor dietary habits, pathological mental processes, and suppressed or uncontrolled emotions. Pentagram®, then, is not only a means of physical and mental balance, but also a teacher as you follow a path to get to know yourself.
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