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Natural Soaps

A selection of natural soaps are available from the Skin Herbalist online shop. Artrin soap increases resistance of the skin to bacterial infections. It may be used in wet eczema skin care. It increases the production of sweat glands thus ensuring a positive effect on dry skin. Cytovital soap ensures smooth, soft and elastic skin. It softens hair. It increases the ability of the skin to hydrate itself; helps unclog sebaceous glands and helps inhibit the occurrence of acne. It alleviates itching. Droserin soap improves resistance of the skin to common rashes of bacterial and viral origin. It may help to protect the skin from development of fungi. Protektin soap increases resistance of the skin to fungal skin diseases; it is suitable for foot care. It may help in cases of rashes and skin injuries accompanied by bleeding. Ruticelit soap is the most universal soap of all Pentagram soaps. It may be used in any cases of skin reddening and blood congestion, or, on the contrary, in cases of abnormal paleness of the skin.
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