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Natural Peat Organic Humates


Lately, a lot of attention has been paid to the inner and outer use of peat extracts, which have wide-ranging positive effects and an appreciable effect on the detoxification of the body as a whole. So-called humic substances can permanently bind numerous toxic and mutagenic compounds of organic origin or foreign microorganisms and expel them from the body without the risk of harming the organism.

The list of the effects that these substances have is very long. Besides their antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal activity, organic bath salts have been shown to have analgesic (painkilling) effects, and their anti-inflammatory activity is particularly striking. Research has found that humic substances can slow the development of certain types of cancer. Their protective and preventive effect has been identified primarily in cases of colorectal cancer. Humic substances have an extraordinary impact on enhancing natural non-specific immunity by effectively eliminating toxic substances from the colon. Immunity is also increased by their ability to stimulate white blood cell activity. They are also known to catalyse enzymatic reactions, thereby stimulating the metabolism. Humic substances improve the oxygenation of cells thanks to their beneficial effects on the vascular system. With their ability to reduce toxic burden and their antioxidant action in tissues and joints, humic substances have a beneficial effect on diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system, including the spine, and arthrosis, arthritis and other degenerative bone and joint diseases.

Cytosan is extremely well suited to the detoxification of the internal environment of cells, blood and all organs, to the regular preventive and therapeutic cleansing of the body, and to the initial stages of detoxification. Cytosan Inovum is highly focused on the precise removal of all undesirable substances from the entire digestive tract.

Cytosan and Cytosan Inovum can also be used externally to bathe surface wounds, rashes and chronic open wounds, and as a very effective cosmetic agent in the form of facial masks.

Cytosan Fomentum gel promotes skin detoxification and regeneration and has a significant anti-inflammatory effect on deeper tissue structures. Cytosan Fomentum gel compresses can therefore be used for inflammatory diseases of the internal organs.

The effects of humate products (eg, organic bath salts) are complemented by Cytosan shampoo, which detoxifies the skin and acts on the reflex zones.

Balneol is designed especially for baths, but it can also be used for treatment as a compress.

The need for the regular detoxification of the human body is an indisputable fact. No matter how disciplined people are in their lives, the human body wears and becomes clogged with waste substances. This toxic burden is a natural cause of ageing, susceptibility to disease and, ultimately, a cause of natural death. Just as it is necessary to regularly give your home a good clean in order to live in it, you also need to clear the “mess” from your body.

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