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Hair Care

The hair care products include Nutritive Balsam and a range of shampoos from Artrin, Cytovital, Droserin, Protektin and Ruticelit.

Artrin shampoo is designed for all natural hair colours, although with slight preference for darker hair.

Cytovital shampoo is a shampoo designed for all natural hair colours, nevertheless is more suitable for fairer hair.

Droserin shampoo is designed for normal, healthy and mainly fair hair.

Protektin shampoo is designed for oily prone hair, prone to hair loss, colour- or bleach-damaged hair.

Ruticelit shampoo is a shampoo more suitable for dark hair. It inhibits the occurrence of dandruff, strengthens hair, and by increasing blood flow to the scalp it facilitates the overall hair regeneration.

Nutritive Balsam improves blood flow to the scalp and nutrition of hair follicles, thus supporting the growth of healthy hair.

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