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Organic Beauty Products ; A true secret is concealed not only in every product in the Renove care creams series, but, first and foremost, within each of us. As outer beauty reflects the state of our inner body and mind, we care not only for the skin, but also for the harmony of the organism as a whole. If you crave perfect skin, you must first understand your body!

Pentagram® care creams offer a unique opportunity not only to take care of your skin, so that it is healthy and beautiful and so that you feel good, but also for you to connect with yourself. With these creams, you can tune in to yourself, work with intuition, discover your essence and help yourself. It’s an experience you’re not used to expecting from skincare cosmetics!


What makes Renove skin creams exceptional straight away is their underlying basic philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine – a pentagram of five elements inspiring their composition and action, mirroring Pentagram® Energy herbal concentrates and body therapy creams. The effect of the five Renove organic beauty products – Artrin, Droserin, Ruticelit, Protektin and Cytovital – targets not only a particular skin type, but also organ group, mood, and internal imbalances of the organism. The individual creams combine with and complement each other to provide balance and, together, form a coherent system.


The content of the cosmetics is as natural as possible. The basis is a high 16% share of herbs macerated in Tertiary thermal water from Podhájska, which enhances their effect with its balanced content of minerals and trace elements. The tried-and-tested, well-working pentagram-based compositions contain between 13 and 19 medicinal herbs, depending on the product type. This is the same as the Pentagram® therapy creams.


Precious cold-pressed vegetable oils are added to medicinal herbs to support the nutrition and fresh look of the skin, provide additional vitamins and minerals, reduce wrinkles, ensure the even spread of pigmentation and deliver other effects that every woman expects of quality cosmetics. These oils come from the North African Berber regions of Morocco and Tunisia.

A combination of the controlled harvesting of plants in the wild and manual processing creates excellent conditions for their purity and effectiveness. They are one of the reasons why Renove creams are gentle to the skin, absorb well, apply well and last long.


Equally precious and quality essences in aromatherapy quantities, also imported from exotic Africa, lend each cream an enunciated, distinctive and characteristic fragrance (such as jasmine, rose or vanilla). Each is selected to support a particular pentagram element. They are a means of fine therapy that has the formidable ability to reach deep into the mind and harmonise inner strength. As they contain the very essence of herbs, they are the richest substances in the plant kingdom, and many of them are among the most expensive.


We believe it is also very important that the manufacturing process excludes entirely the use of parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oils, oil derivatives, genetically modified organisms, chemical UV filters and SLS.


The Pentagram® of Renove natural creams are complemented by cosmetic skincare products of the utmost quality: Visage Serum with enzymatic protein complex, Visage Oil with natural oils, essences and herbs, and Visage Water, containing Damask rose hydrolate. Almond oil and argan oil, the most valuable and precious of pure natural oils, are the absolute cream of the crop. There is no better way of taking care of your skin!
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