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In 1995, Skin Herbalist Patrick Murphy provided his first herbal remedies to his patients, with good results. Then as different ailments emerged in his patients he would accommodate by using new herbal formulas, again with marked success. These formulas worked well with subsequent patients that they became standard.
His true philosophy of “getting to the root cause of the disorder”, helping him to create healing tonic herbals. These herbs help the body overcome disease by strengthening through cleansing and nourishing. Patrick’s ultimate vision is to cleanse and nourish so the body can heal, using wild-crafted, organic herbs.

Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver in the Home

Colloidal Silver has many uses, such as Spray on Garbage to prevent decay odours, on dish cloths and cutting boards. Spray in shoes, between toes, add to bath water, drop onto bandages and plasters to help healing time, soak dentures, spray fridge, freezer, food storage containers. It stops Mildew, mould, wood rot. Use to spray on pets bedding, use on cleaning and mopping solutions. Spray onto the top of open jam jars etc, spray food olds before closing, spray air ducts, use in the final washing rinse, in dishwashers, spray around plant roots to stop rot, spray foliage, inside gloves and under finger nails, rinse fruit and vegetables, use in shampoos and rinsing water, spray pets, carpets, wipe telephone mouthpieces, headphones and hearing aids. Spray mattresses and allow to dry to kill dust mites. Clean combs and glasses with it. Excellent for nappy rash and to spray inside nappies.  

Sterilise anything from tooth brushes to surgical instruments and use to clean toilet seats and use on floors.

Skin Herbalist Unscented Avocado Oil Soap

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